An ever growing collection of virtual backdrops for use in video call apps. Expressions of optimism and art by the world's best designers, illustrators, animators, photographers, filmmakers and artists.

How do I add a (custom) background to Microsoft Teams?

A guide on how to add a custom background to Microsoft Teams will be added soon!
For those who can’t wait, please click here.

How do I add a (moving) background to Zoom?

Step 1 — If you are not already running the latest version of Zoom, download it here.

Step 2 — After entering a call (with video enabled) click the arrow sign next to the camera icon and select [Choose Virtual Background].

Step 3 — In the pop-up select [Add Image] or [Add Video].

Step 4 — Browse to your freshly downloaded background and click [open].

Step 5 — The background is automatically selected, you can now close the pop-up.

Step 6 — Enjoy your background. Spread the word, feel free to donate to COVID-19 fund and support the artists.

Why does the downloaded zip contain two MP4 movies?

Some computers can’t process the 1920×1080 pixel version of the movie, that’s why we’ve also included a 1280×720 pixel variant.

Help it’s still not working?!

If you aren’t able to add a custom background, make sure your computer meets the requirements.


This document is updated regularly.